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PDF quick start guide

Download a basic guide to editing pages and adding event RSVP

Squarespace Online Guides

1. Pages and content overview: 

This guide covers general page layouts, including an overview of how content is added and edited.


2. Content blocks:

Blocks are the foundation of your site. You can add, move, and combine blocks on a page to create a custom layout. Each block is designed to add different types of content to most areas of your site, including:

  • Regular Pages
  • Blog posts
  • Events

View this short video guide on how to use Blocks:


3. Adding links to your site:


a) Using text links:

You can create text links to pages, files, other websites, email addresses, phone numbers, and more in multiple areas of your site.


b) Using the Button Block:

The Button Block adds a button or call to action to your site. Button Blocks can link to your content, external content, or a downloadable file.


4. News and information page:

For your site, we use the blog as the news page. In this guide, you'll learn how to create and manage the blog (or news page). You can create a blog post (news post), tag and categorize posts, create a post excerpt, enable/disable comments, push your posts to social media, and more.


This page contains a video guide, it’s  bait longer than most, but covers it well:


5. Understanding social sharing with Squarespace:

You can connect with a wider audience by linking your site to your social media profiles and pushing content as you publish it.


a) This guide covers social icons, share buttons, and connecting to social media:


b) This short video guide shows how to connect a social media account to your site:


6. Using the Events Page: 

This guide explains how to add and edit events. Note, the events page has been setup for you. You can add as many events as required to this page.


7. Contact page and other forms:

The contact page layout is setup, but can easily be edited. If you’ve watched the short video guide on ‘content blocks’ you’ll just use the same technique to access the form in editing mode. 


This short video guide explains forms. We have created a contact form for you, so ignore the first part about creating a new form. We have also setup the form style (fonts, color and button) so you can ignore the last part of the video on styling the form.


8. All about images:

This video guide series will cover the steps for adding an image or video. Images formatting and size is important to maintaining the quality of the site. These videos highlight a few key concepts that will help you select the right images to include in your site pages:


Squarespace Knowledge-Base

All the guides, FAQ, and searchable topics:


Forms on your website can be linked to Mailchimp to collect new subscribers, and event registrations for example (see the PDF quick guide above for more details). 

Signup to Mailchimp for sending newsletters and marketing communications. 

Free for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.


Mailchimp online guides:


It's absolutely free to post and promote your free events.

Easily track registrations for parties, classes, seminars, networking events, nonprofit events and more.

You can add Eventbrite event links to your web pages, event pages and blog posts. See the PDF quick guide above for more details.

Signup to Eventbrite for free: