A+ FCU's R.O.A.R Team

A+ Federal Credit Union has organized a credit union R.O.A.R team. The team’s first meeting was on 4/10/14. The CU ROAR program is a political engagement program designed to get credit union staff more involved in credit union advocacy. The program is supported by the Cornerstone Credit Union League, and has had much success throughout other credit unions around the nation.

R.O.A.R. stands for:

  • Ready - Staying informed on credit union political issues
  • Organized - having a team of politically active individuals
  • Active - taking action when there is a call to action
  • Responsive - contacting lawmakers

Each team member on the ROAR team at A+ has committed to being the grassroots advocate for each of their respective departments and branches. These advocates have united for good with other credit union ROAR team members throughout the country to ensure that the industry stands strong when there is a political call to action. For more information on the CU ROAR program, please visit: http://www.cornerstoneleague.coop/cu_roar.html

Simon Darby